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Types of tents

Before buying a tent, you need to understand what types of tents you are buying and for what purposes. The selection of tents on the modern market is very large, so you cannot do without a preliminary educational program. In this article, we will consider the existing types of tents according to different criteria. So you can choose the best tents for you.

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The most important thing that should be decided initially is the purpose of the tent, that is, the conditions in which it will be used. There are the following types of tents for use:

Trekking (flat) tents.

Simple small tents for light hikes and overnight stays along hiking trails, in the forest and on the plains. Not very resistant to heavy rain and wind.

Expeditionary tents.

They are similar to the plain, but with increased wind and moisture resistance. They are quite versatile in their class: they are suitable for both flat travel and mountain hikes of low difficulty.

Assault (alpine) tents.

These tents can be used in any conditions, but most often they are taken on difficult mountain hikes. A good assault tent will withstand all weather conditions. Assault tents are light, moderately roomy, quickly assembled. The price, at times, bites.

Camping tents.

These are tents for lovers of auto tourism or multi-day stops in one place (at least 3-4 days). Due to their spaciousness, they are often taken for family outdoor recreation.

As a rule, camping tents are very comfortable: with high ceilings, large vestibules, lots of windows and good ventilation. But there are also several obvious drawbacks: high price, high weight and low warming up (due to the large volume).

Special tents.

We have included specialized tents with non-standard requirements for conditions or construction: fishing and military tents, tents for winter hikes, for children, etc.

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