BeachMall Big Jumbo Camping Chair Review

BeachMall Big Jumbo Camping Chair Review

Camping chairs are some of the most versatile seats you can buy. They can be used for an incredibly varied set of applications, which is what contributes to their excellent level of popularity when compared to other kinds of seats. There are many different types of camping chairs which are all designed for these diverse applications.

One type of camping chair, which we will be discussing today, is the heavy-duty camping chair. These particular chairs are meant to be much stronger and more resilient than the types of camping chairs that you would usually come across.

They tend to feature high-quality construction, which is meant to ensure that they do not break or malfunction under heavy weight.

BeachMall Big Jumbo Camping Chair Lay Flat Position

We will be looking at some of the characteristics of heavy-duty camping chairs further on in the article before we get to the review itself. For now, we will discuss some of the possible applications for these models of camping chairs, which are more varied than you may believe.

Some customers seem to prefer these camping chairs as they offer more in the way of longevity and durability when compared to your usual camping chair models. This means that they will last you far longer than cheaper camping chairs, which some may see as a more worthwhile investment.

Of course, heavy-duty camping chairs are not without their disadvantages, as they are designed to sacrifice other qualities in favor of better durability. This means that they will tend to be heavier and more cumbersome than other kinds of camping chairs, which may not make them suited for use on hikes or similar excursions.

We will now move onto two of the primary qualities of the chair we will be reviewing and heavy-duty camping chairs in general.


One of the best aspects to search for in any camping chair is a superior level of strength. This ensures that your camping chair can take a beating and still keep working well. This makes these camping chairs ideally suited for use in environments where they may be damaged by the surroundings, such as in rocky areas and densely wooded forests.

BeachMall Big Jumbo Camping Chair Folded

A durable camping chair also has the advantage of lasting you for a longer period than a model which is built to less exacting specifications. As we stated earlier, a longer lasting camping chair is a better investment as you will not have to eventually buy a new model when your current camping chair breaks.

Weight Capacity

Another feature that you will find in these types of camping chairs, as well as the model we will be reviewing today, is a higher degree of weight capacity than in competing models. Weight capacity is the tested maximum amount of weight which can be applied to the chair before it is not guaranteed that it will stay in one piece.

If you exceed the weight capacity of your chair by a few pounds, it may not break, but it is not a sure thing as it has not been tested beyond that point. Chairs with a high weight capacity are ideally suited for larger and taller individuals since they will tend to weigh more.

About The Product

This camping chair is designed by BeachMall. As you may have guessed from the name of the maker, this chair is primarily meant for use on the beach. However, it features a wide variety of features which make it at home anywhere you choose to take advantage of it.

  • Seat is constructed of double layered polyester
  • Frame is constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Can recline into four positions
  • Maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Seat features 16 inches of ground clearance
  • Comes included with one cup holder and three storage pockets, two of which feature zippers


This chair is one of the best-built models of camping chair that we have ever come across. It has almost two times the weight capacity of your typical high-quality camping chair, so it is the best choice for customers who are a little heavier or would like to pack the chair with some equipment.

It also offers nearly 1.5 feet worth of ground clearance so it can keep you well away from the dirt and sand underneath you. While build quality and weight capacity are certainly relevant to this seat, you will find that it also features some aspects which make it far more comfortable than you would expect.

For example, this seat features four separate positions to recline, making it an excellent choice for those lazy days on the beach. There are also some quality of life features, like many pockets in which you can store camping equipment, snacks, and many other things.

What Others Say

Other customers had quite a bit to say about this model of camping chair. Most of them were impressed to find a camping chair with such a high weight capacity. For those who are big and tall, this camping chair seems like quite a gift.

BeachMall Big Jumbo Camping Chair


There were very few complaints about this camping chair since most of the reception was overwhelmingly positive. One issue that some customers had is that this camping chair does not lock closed, so it can sometimes unexpectedly open up while it is being carried while folded.

Buying Advice

For such a high-quality chair, this model is a little more affordable than you would expect. While it is still expensive when compared to baseline camping chairs, it is rather reasonably priced. It can be found for around 125 dollars at several beach supplies stores as well as online from Amazon.


Whether you are big and tall or you only want a camping chair which will not break after extended use, this model from BeachMall is one of the best choices you can opt for. We hope that this review has helped you find out everything that you wanted to know about this product.

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