Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair Review

Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair Review

One of the many possible applications for a camping chair is during tailgating parties. For those of you who are unacquainted with tailgating, it is a practice in which you camp out in the parking lot of a stadium where a sports game is about to take place. The sport is usually football, but it can comprise any number of sports.

While camped out in the parking lot, you can have a party of sorts with some friends, setting up seats, which are usually different kinds of camping chairs, and having some fun. Grilling burgers and franks may or may not be involved, and it often makes for a fun time amongst your buddies.

Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair Beverages Tray

Tailgating may or may not involve going to see the game in question, as certain sports, like football, have tickets which sell for exorbitant prices, if you ever want to be able to see the field, that is. Because of these issues with the pricing of tickets and concessions in sports stadiums, many fans elect to bring TVs and laptops so they can see the game while it is happening.

Tailgating makes for a great way to enjoy the spectacle of a match without having to go bankrupt. While it is unfortunate that it has become almost necessary for all those who cannot justify taking out a small loan for their families to see a game, it provides its unique form of fun.

In many ways, tailgating is much more enjoyable than actually attending the game, as you do not have to deal with roaring fans to either side of you and overpriced snacks. Regardless of your reasons for preferring to tailgate, you will find that there are a wide variety of camping chairs which are designed with that very application in mind.

This range of camping chairs includes the very model that we will be reviewing today. Before we move onto the review, we will take a look at two essential camping chair characteristics.

Ground Clearance

One important feature to look for in high-quality camping chairs is a good deal of ground clearance. You will find that being sufficiently elevated off the ground will ensure that you enjoy your camping or tailgating experience a whole lot more as you will be further away from dirt or refuse, respectively.

Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair Folded

Better ground clearance often means a taller seat, as well. This makes seats with a good deal of ground clearance preferable for those who are taller, as a small seat may end up cramping your legs since you will have to tuck them underneath you.

Folded Size

The size of your camping or tailgating chair, once it has been folded up, is another thing which is important to consider. Since the ability to fold is one of the features that most customers prize in camping chairs, it makes sense that you would want a model which folds up efficiently.

A chair which is small when it is folded up is an excellent choice for anyone who needs extra storage space when a chair is not in use. A large number of camping chairs can take up quite a large amount of space. This makes chairs which remain small while folded up an excellent choice.

About The Product

This model of camping chair is designed for tailgating through and through. You will find that almost every feature which is included with this chair is meant to improve your tailgating experience in one way or another.

  • Seat is 24 inches off the ground, which provides for excellent clearance
  • This chair features a folding footrest
  • There is a removable cushion with its legs, to be used as a stool
  • This chair features a max weight capacity of 350 pounds


This chair is designed in a movie director style, which means that it has high legs with a relatively regularly sized seat and back. This makes this chair well suited for tailgating parties, as you will be able to stay well above the pavement, which may be unbearably hot, littered with trash, or both.

Smilling Woman Sitting In Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 350 pounds, which is slightly above the average of 300 pounds, this makes it well-suited for larger users. One of our favorite features was the inclusion of a folding footrest, which allows you to lean back and relax a little bit. This footrest can be folded away when not in use.

One of the unique features of this chair is that it features a cushion with its legs that can act as a form of stool. This can be used to sit down while you watch the actual game after you have finished your tailgating party.

What Others Say

Other customers were rather impressed by this seat for a wide variety of reasons. While there were certainly some dissenting opinions, you will find that they were mostly positive. For example, many consumers were impressed with just how durable this model of camping seat is, which is necessary for more rowdy tailgate parties.

When it comes to negatives, customers were not impressed by how heavy this seat is. While it makes sense if you want the seat to feature a good level of durability, how much resilience is too much?

Buying Advice

This chair is priced similarly to most other high-quality camping chairs, and it is rather worthwhile when you consider the excellent level of build quality. The price is about 110 dollars, but it can drop to even lower when this chair goes on sale. It can be found available from Amazon.

Tailgaterz Take-Out Seat Camping Chair

Source: tailgaterzgear.com


If you want the best tailgating seat available, this model is your best bet, as it can be used for both a game seat and a chair for the tailgating party. We hope that this review has proved helpful for you. If you have any comments or questions, go ahead and leave them down below.

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